(Selected Discography)

Beyond the Noise
Beyond The Noise (Original Soundtrack)
Short Film, Released 2018, Andrew Kaineder
Featured on Tracks:
2 - Pilot or Passenger
7 - Shadow Creeping
10 - Fury
12 - Broken Fields

Top of the Lake 
Top of the Lake: China Girl (Original Soundtrack)
Television Show, Released September 2017, See-Saw Films pty Ltd.
Featured on Tracks:
2 - Mary's Letter
3 - Brothel Search
5 - La La Ooh
7 - Panda Express
8 - Robin Hit
13 - Hello Darling
16 - Suitcase to Shore
Music by Mark Brandshaw, produced by Marcus Whale, edited by Matthew McGuigan.  Holly Conner (Drum Kit), Jacques Emery (Double Bass), and Andrew Bruce (Piano).

Listen to Me 
Listen To Me
Released July 16 2018, Andree Greenwell
An Australia Council project in response to the issue of gendered violence, containing lyrics quotes and personal stories.
Featured on Track 5 - Mosaic
Please see link for the many featured personnel.

Funk Engine (2)
Funk, fusion, jazz and hiphop influences.
Nish Manjunath (Tenor Saxophone), Felix Lalanne (Guitar), Holly Conner (Drum Kit) and Siebe Pogson (Electric Bass).
Taking a Ride (Funk Engine's seccond album)
Released 2017.
Funk Engine (Debut Album)
Released 2014.

Microfiche (3)
Minimalist, textural, miniature melodies mixed with improvisation.
Innumerable EP (Microfiche's seccond release)
Released 2017.
Microfiche (Debut Album)
Released 2016.
Micro Micro EP
Recorded 2015, released 2017.
Free improvisations by some of the members of Microfiche.

Mixcloud & Soundcloud 
.ilex mixcloud
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Personal Recordings from Soundcloud, 2015 - 2016.
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